Garden Weasel-Without Direction 7″

Well the turntable is up and running so I decided it was time to post some vinyl.  I’m not too familiar with it yet and at this point, for some reason, I am having to turn the levels way up to get a “decent” recording.  I don’t want to dwell on it too much except that I have always been impressed by sites that do “excellent” quality vinyl rips.  Oh well this is what I have and hopefully it will be listenable.

I thought I’d start with the only piece of vinyl I have had the pleasure to be on.  We were fortunate on this, in that Jim Shank, the guitar player in my previous band WD-40, was good friends with this guy Todd Congelier.  I guess Todd was this ripping skater (pro maybe?) who was also a musician releasing his own records on his Recess Records label.  Todd had heard the WD-40 demo and wanted to put something like that out.  Unfortunately WD-40 was done and Garden Weasel was what was going on.  I wish WD could have put out some vinyl too.  We sent Todd a tape and he was willing to actually put that onto vinyl but we convinced him to let us do another recording.  You can read about this in more detail at our guitar player’s blog here, .  He has a much better mind than I do.  Anyway this was the third release on Recess, the other two being Todd’s ripping band FYP.  I think he did two pressings of 500, and gave us 100 copies to do with as we pleased.  I have one on orange vinyl, one black and a test pressing, most of the rest I gave away.  We were pretty proud of this and actually I enjoyed listening to it again.  One thing of interest her is that on Questions, our mellowest song, Chuck from One Man Running sings backup.  That probably makes this the best version of Questions we ever did.  Here’s the 7″, tell me what you think of the rip and/or the music in general.

EDIT:  Need to upload this to fucking youtube…hmmm.

Syd Barrett – Opel

Let’s take it down a notch and mellow out.

opel Now Scott G. has been mentioned in this post a few times and let me tell you, he was a character and a half.  Everybody knew Scott up in Humboldt during the late 80’s early 90’s because of his unique personality.  Several friends (I can’t remember who) and I went down to the bay area and Scott hitched a ride.  He was going to stay the night in front of a Ticketron outlet to be first to get Pink Floyd tickets.  When I picked him up he was in a frenzy because he got several “4th row” seats.  He was going nuts and for the next month, at least, all he could say was “4th row” to everyone.  That was Scott.  Idon’t know why I didn’t go, probably because they were ridiculously expensive, but I probably should have just for historical purposes.

I’ve learned a lot about Syd Barrett in the making of this post but this pretty much sums it up, .  I kind of felt sorry for the guy because the guy seemed to be used by EMI, but go figure a big label screwing people over

Here’s some more sites with pretty much all of his stuff,

MY favorite songs from this CD,

Clowns And Jugglers (Octopus) 

Wined And Dined


Antiseen – Noise For The Sake Of Noise

ant2Kinda going with some of the comments going on I thought I would do some Antiseen.  I did Antiseen doing Commando from the Ramones a long time ago in my posts too.  This is a special edition CD release of the album by the same name.  It has the first 12 songs off the LP but they did not include the live songs because the sound quality was bad.  Instead they added 4 other live songs with better sound quality and the We Are Going To Eat You Lp from Jeff Clayton And The Scumgoats.  Buy their records if you can find them.  Here’s some samples…

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One of my faves off the album…

Brujeria – Marijuana

bruNot too much to say here, I’m kind of tired after a long weekend, but I did one by these guys so I figured I may as well do another.  I did get my turntable this weekend so expect some vinyl here in the near future, which includes at least the El Patron 7″.  I haven’t even had a chance to play with it, so I don’t know how it sounds but don’t expect something too stellar because around here we’re on a tight budget.

So how about another one from Brujeria?  I dig this one mainly for the live stuff but you can get some live video from Youtube any time you want.  It’s crazy how good these guys are musically and I hope you feel the same way.  I’m not too sure where these guys are coming from but if you can get past the silly Satanic thing there is a message.  I don’t know if that message is intentional or not but it talks a lot about the whole drug culture.  There is a ton of satire in the message that I get and maybe that’s how the whole satanic thing fits in.  Am I reading too much into this?  In my opinion you have to be a Christian of some kind, a believer, in order to be Satanic.  Witchcraft and paganism have nothing to do with Satan.  2000 years ago Satan was really a minor character in the whole Christianity/Judiasm drama that was getting played out.  You get a little bit in the book of Revelation but nobody agrees with what that whole book is about, there is so much metaphorical crap it could be talking about anything, anytime or anyplace.  It wasn’t until the dark and middle ages that the church decided to make Satan a big deal and use the idea of him as a form of domination, intimidation and destruction of people.  What is real is the drug culture that Brujeria is talking about.  Anywhere there are poor people there is going to be a culture of drug production.  Every government is corrupt and only serves the needs of the very wealthy.  What choice do people have if the want to get “somewhere” except to get involved with crime (which the government has it’s hand in anyway).  The cycle is a sad statement on the human race because very few people are satisfied with being comfortable, they always want more.  Man I could go on and on about this because what it all comes back to is selfishness, the root of all human suffering.  Maybe the Satanists are right, let humanity suffer.

This sample is my favorite but maybe you have to remember Governor Pete Wilson to appreciate it.

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Brujeria – Brujerizmo

canyon Slam asked for a story about our old Vietnam vet boss,  Dennis.  As I mentioned in another post he was one of Kennedy’s “advisors” over there in the early 60’s.  He was part of some elite Air Force special forces, but I can’t remember the name of the squad or unit or whatever.  Basically he received hardcore training in how to kill.  When they sent him over there, there were several thousand “advisors” there.  The US had not gotten into the war or police action, as it was called, officially yet.  With this in mind Dennis and the rest of the guys he was with could not wear US military gear or weapons.  They wore street clothes and had a choice of weapons that included foreign stuff and guns you might find at a pawn shop here in the US.  His job was basically to seek out and kill Viet Cong officers.  They never just shot anybody and if they did they would leave an impact.  They would cut off limbs, decapitate and cut out the hearts of their targets, to strike fear into anyone that found the bodies.  He told me that it was not unusual to cut a guys heart out and leave it still attached and beating.  Needless to say this did affect Dennis mentally I think and when he came back he had a hard time adjusting.  He was a great boss and taught us all a lot of useful things that I still use today (sharpening blades).  Slam and I went out and got drunk with him a couple of times but I don’t remember too much of the specifics there.  One thing I do remember him saying was that after one of those days that was particularly hard he would say the old lady was going to have to sleep on her side of the bed.  Anyway… on to the music.

brujerizmo I got into theses guys, probably 15 or so years ago and was really amazed by their sound.  I have to admit, as you can probably tell, that I sometimes don’t know a lot about the bands I post.  I usually just post a band if I liked them at some point in time and enjoyed their music and/or sound.  This made a good read for me, .  I was going to post the first LP, Matando Guerros, but you can find it at one of my favorite blogs here, .  He’s got a ton of good stuff on the harsher side.  You can pretty much find everything they’ve ever done if you go to the Google Blogsearch link I have (or any band for that matter).  I will post another one of their CD’s and at least one 7″ later on.  You can even get Brujeria ringtones for your cell, which was good for a healthy laugh on my part.  I don’t ever watch Headbanger’s Ball anymore because it’s all, what I call pop-grindcore, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a video or two.  Any one know?  They are on and this is probably available so go get their records there.  If anyone wants me to I will get rid of the link to the whole album.  I don’t think these guys really need any more money though.  I found this at a quick glance too, .   If you enjoy very brutal grindcore with a satirically satanic slant, all in spanish, then you will dig this music played by some guys that are pretty much “rock stars”.  How about a couple of samples first,

EDIT: Links deleted for fear of copyright police…go give your money to iTunes or something…