Drilling For Mom – Demo

dfm1 dfm2 Probably nobody outside of people who were in Humboldt County NorCal in the mid to late 80’s will appreciate this post but here it is.  They definately weren’t a hardcore band but, I don’t care what anyone says though, this is punk, even if it is ten years late.  After I moved up there in 87, they were the first (or Nuisance) band I saw.  Around the same time there were bands like the Leftovers, the Jane Maxwell Band, Ulcer Creator and so on.  They didn’t blow me away or anything but I did really like them.  I got to know the people in the band over the years and they were pretty cool.  I don’t think this band lasted very long but there were many more to follow, even though I can’t remember the names of the bands right now.  Maybe the Humboldt people will help me out.  Kevyn D. the guitar player and Peggy M. the singer had been in bands before I was up there and are probably in bands still.  I really can’t remember anymore about this band so why don’t you give this a listen.  My personal favorite is Pulp Fart and if you’ve ever lived near a pulp mill, you’ll know what they’re talking about.

Car Song


The Answer

Eight Ball

Until It Turns Red

Pulp Fart

Big Mac Attack

I Contain Meat

House On Fire

The Waiting Room

Of course you can get the whole thing here,


9 thoughts on “Drilling For Mom – Demo”

  1. Peggy Martinez is her name. She’s still playing locally here. I forget her bands name at the moment. Pretty amazing woman and musician. She was always an inspiration to me while I was playing drums in college. She’s been legally blind as long as I’ve know her but that never stopped her from doing anything it seems. The pulp mill here actually lost some of it’s odor due to mill improvements. I wonder if some people even notice? On a side note Quitty says hello. Saw his band Nudity last night. Great guy and great band. We took a walk down memory lane this morning……..


  2. Compared to when I was a kid in the seventies, the pulp mill is like a rose garden. when the wind hit just right, it was so bad it literally pulled the breath out of your lungs and smothered you.
    but, This post is quintessential humboldt.


  3. Hey Bohner and Boner, good to read from you guys and for the comments. It all comes together when people add something (memories, info, etc.) to the mix. It’s all history, even as recent as yesterday. Be sure and ask Quitty to hit me up here. Thanx again guys.


  4. Thanks man,

    Never heard about them !!! I’m not too much in that style but the female & male singers are both great and the riffs are good, nice sometimes for my poor ears, ha,ha,ha !!! Last track is near of early LA PUNK ROCK but with a crazy touch… Nice !


  5. Kevin Diamond played guitar for this band. The first band I saw him in was the Upstanding Members in around 1983. He made a great tape with a bunch of local musicians called Play Something You Know. I wish I still had it. The other guitar player is Bill Coleman. I think they were later in a band called Good Clean Head.


  6. Norman, thanx for filling in some blanks for me dude. Are you from up there? If you have any digital stuff from that era in Humboldt, I would be interested in getting it from you so I can post it. Leftovers, Jane Maxwell, Pope Joan, etc?


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