Chaotic Dischord – Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck the Lot of You

CDI think I dubbed this from one of the mountain of records up at KHSU back when I was in college as a philosophy major.  God I hope they still have that collection for people to enjoy.  I can’t imagine them being able to play this on the radio station up there, except late night, early morning.  This was during my Disorder, drunk punk stage, in my musical taste.  Actually Christ On Parade was on the flipside of this tape, so I guess I wasn’t that limited in my taste.  If you’re looking for intelligent lyrics you better skip Chaotic Discord and head straight for the Christ On Parade.  For what it is though, I really like this stuff.  There are those who know their music and history a lot better than I do, but I always just put this in the English D-beat, drunk punk category. If you like straight ahead, noisy, pretty fast, silly stuff, you’ll dig this band.  This was released in 1983 and brought to you 25 years later.  I hope you like a song or two…

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Don Baron – Fast Talk Man

I tell you, on what other blog are you going to get a Tormentor post and then Don Baron.

Hace mucho tiempo que ha usado mi espanol y pienso que mi espanol no esta mismo que ustedes ingles.  Mis padrinos estaban de Cuba, vivia por mucho tiempo en un barrio Mexicano, tengo quatro anos de espanol en mi escuela con un maestro de Espana, y mi primera esposa estaba de Venezuela.  Que lastima que ya hablo como un nino de cinco anos.  Asi es la vida.

Well I made my lame attempt at writting in another language, besides my own, and I think it came off pretty weak.  Some of the sites I go to and some of the people who come here use english as a second language.  I appreciate the fact that they do this and I want them to know that I have always admired the fact that elsewhere in the world it is nothing to be able to communicate in 2 or more languages.  I could go into a whole political thing about this but I will save that, especially as there is so much going on in this country about immigration.  All I have to say about it is that if people don’t like illegal immigration, don’t build higher fences or post more guards, get after the American businesses that are more than willing to hire cheap labor to keep their profit margins high.  I am only a patriot as far as my Native American sensibilities will allow me.

homeland There are so many issues to talk about but I don’t want to alienate others.  The one language we all speak here is MUSIC.

I don’t know anything about Don Baron, except that I borrowed this tape, a long time ago, from Gage and never gave it back.  If you want it back bro I’ll send it to you.  The only song I really liked on the tape was Fast Talk Man.  At least give it a listen, the lyrics are interesting and the music is a rap reggae thing.

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Tormentor – Live Fender’s Ballroom 1986

Teeth Okay no more whining, just music and stories.  I got replies from my two favorite bloggers (Good Bad Music & Lo Res Viscera), three really good old friends (Ed, Brian, & Match), and one of the best commentors I’ve read all over the place (Fernando).  From now on I am like an old juke box with no money in it, after a while it just plays whatever it wants to and just waits.  The picture above has nothing to do with the post, I just don’t like posts without pictures.

Well, my wife and I had a great weekend, movies, nature, dogs, country drive, etc.  It was nice to do our own thing and get away from the work grind.  All in all one of the best weekends I’ve had in a while.  Do not rent “The Fear: Halloween Night”.  We are gluttons for horror movies but this one really sucked.

This post is for Brian F. (I was going to do some Mr. Bungle for you but I need to rip it from the tapes yet).  I got this tape back in about 86 or 87 from, you guessed it, Bob and Ron.  As I’ve said, these guys would go anywhere to catch a band with “some real speed”.  A little heavy on the cheesy satan stuff, but all in all a pretty good metal band, I think.  On my tape, after this recording came the Mystery Live Band from my previous post.  I don’t think I’ll ever find out who that was.  When I looked on the net for any info on this band there were a few Tormentor’s but I don’t think any of them are this band.  This was an LA band at an LA party that also had Celtic Frost playing.  I don’t know the song titles but on a few the singer kind of mutters them.  The tracks that are missing are extended periods of talking, with no music.  My personal favorite is #7, an instrumental.  I hope you dig a tune or two.

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Mystery Live Band

Question Things are going good here but I think I’m going to take a 4 or 5 day break.  I’ve been getting a few comments here and there and I know who I can count on, but things are kind of slow considering the number of downloads some of my posts have gotten.  I know I mix it up quite a bit (nobody except for me could like everything I have posted) and talk too much about stuff no one gives a crap about.  It’s all good though.  I think the wife and I will take it easy this weekend, maybe get some movies.  I’m going to spend some time doing some rips of tapes, hoping that I’ll get my taxes back so I can do some vinyl.  Do me a favor though and check the sites in my links and PLEASE COMMENT on what’s already here.

 I am leaving yall with a bit of a mystery.  I was ripping some other music and at the end of the tape, I found this.  I have no clue except this is off of a tape I got from Ron Kuka and Bob Kasitz (if you know how to get a hold of these guys let me know).  So who do you think it is or do you give a shit?  I hope everyone is well and has a good weekend

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dieselhed This post goes out to the Leftoverking.  Dieselhed was not a Humboldt band but because some of the members were up there playing music when I was, I have included them in the Humboldt category (or did they get their start in Humboldt and move shortly afterward…hmmm…I don’t fucking know anymore).  I knew Zach from the dorms and thought he was a pretty trippy guy but I don’t remember seeing him too much after that first year.  Virgil was around for most of the time I lived up there playing in various bands including Brent’s TV.  Very artsy types of guys and that’s kind of where this band was at.  The drummer I think was in Mr. Bungle who were just okay to me (I’l do a couple of posts on them later).  Actually Tre the guitar player was the only member I knew from that band besides the singer Mike who for some reason rubbed me the wrong way.  Dieselhed also, for some period of time had the violinist from Camper Van Beethoven in the band too.  The only time I ever saw these guys play was in San Diego in the mid 90’s, I think openning up for Link Wray.  They had a really good set of catchy songs.  It was a total honor to see Link play with them.

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EDIT:  This post was (is) a bunch of gobbly gook and I started to edit/fix it but what’s the point.  Dieselhed was an incredible band and if’n you want to see/hear them there are a ton of live/studio tracks available.  I did see Zach a few years back in Denver as he was/is playing in the Cambodian styled rock band Dengue Fever.  Talked to him after the show and he was as trippy as ever…
Zack & I