Septic Death – Cathay De Grande 03-29-84

sd I was in the ninth grade when this concert was recorded and it reminds me of skating back and forth to school everyday at that time.  I was never a good pool or ramp skater, even with the help of Jay Smith who was my buddy Dale’s older brother.  Dale and Jay and I would go up to Marshal High School in LA and do downhill stuff.  Dale and I did a mean catamaran.  I was always good at using the skateboard as my means of transportation though.  In about 1988 you could catch me up in NorCal skating in between HSU and Villa De La Valle on the 101 highway.  When we lived in the bottoms Sang used to drag me behind his bike up to campus.  Good times.

I searched all over the place to see if I could find a live picture of Septic Death and this is the only one I could find here, .  I don’t think I’m very good at doing that kind of computer research.  I did find a ton of pictures with and written across them but 99.99% of those were of records.  If I could find my flyer collection I could have found one for this.  Is there a good punk rock, hardcore picture site?  You know, live shots.  If there isn’t maybe you could start one.  If you made it a blog you would get tons of hits and very few comments.  Seriously though if you know of something like that let me know so I can link up to that.  There is a ton of Septic Death music out there and I’m sure a lot of live stuff too.  You can do the research on that.  If you were rich you might be able to buy the actual records.  I am pretty sure I got this bootleg from my long lost friends Ron K. and Bob K. that I have mentioned before.  It’s not a soundboard but I think it’s decent sound quality if you can ignore the idiots talking through some of the songs.  If you know of a really good soundboard recording send me the link.  the rip I made is pretty much exactly how it sounds on the tape.  I hope you like a song or two.

Sweat Of A Nightmare

Core Of Reality

Never Trust

Poison Mask

Mental Cancer


Septic Death



Negative Threat






Eye Missing




Glue/Out Of Step




Satanic Malfunctions – Verbal Solutions tape

sm I got this one in about 85 or 86 when I was still in high school.  I had seen a review of the tape in MRR or Flipside and got it from the band in the UK.  The drummer Ade wrote me a letter and we ended up writting back in forth for a while and trading music.  I got him a copy of the We The Living 7″ and we traded several tapes.  Remember those days before the internet when you would mailorder and trade stuff with people all over the place.  Ade was a super cool guy and I ended up getting several SM and comp 7”s from him that I will have to share in the future.  He turned me on to Active Minds which is definately in my top 10 all time bands.  I will share those guys in the future too.  These guys, have a few SM posts that you should check out.  This is a good rip the tape was just pretty lo-fi to begin with.  The track listing is on the above scan and if you’ll notice there are 18 tracks but only 17 posted.  When I was editing the rip I tried like hell to find 18 and listened to it over and over but only came up 17.  Oh well, give these tunes a listen, because they were on the cutting edge at the time.

01 , 02 , 03 , 04 , 05 , 06 , 07 , 08 , 09 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16 , 17

What a trip, I found this on youtube,

Strong Intention – Disgrace To The Corpse Of Hardcore CDr

SIHave been enjoying the power violence stuff on Low-Res Viscera , so I thought I would do one.  I don’t have a lot of newer stuff but I like this one.  Bought this CD along with several others three years ago from here, Crucial Blast , aka The Darkest Hills.  Great store if you ever want to find this kind of music or any other extreme music.  I hadn’t heard Strong Intention before but they were under power-violence and had some great reviews so I got this.  I was not disappointed and actually ended up getting two more CD’s.  This one I know is out of print because I have # 19 out of 50 made for the tour with Cripple Bastards they did in 2002.  Check out their site Strong Intention but most of their stuff is out of print.  What they do have is cheap so support the band if you like the music.

EDIT:  Went to rip this again and upload to fucking youtube, but the disk no longer works…goddamn CDrs


Tres Flores – Cry Now, Smile Later

AngelOne of my dogs, Angel (in the front seat) and I went to the dump earlier.  We don’t have trash pick up in the country so we go to the dump every once in a while.  She loves to go for rides and especially likes the dump.  She’s deaf but I taught her hand signals and she does pretty good.

Tres FloresThis is one that I think I got from my buddy Norm G. years after he gave me the OYM demo.  At least one of these guys is from my home city where I went to high school.  Match or Deustche will hopefully add some comments because I really don’t remember that much.  I always liked this CD even if it was a bit mellow for punk rock.  Kind of more along the lines of an Epitaph band.  I don’t know what happened to them but I remember one of the guys was an excellent tattoo and graffiti artist.  I found this page, .  They had a personal page and so did their label, Dispikable but they are gone now.  If you know anything about this band let me know.  Anyway give these guys a listen and maybe you’ll like a track or two.


Candy Christ

L.A. Ok

Brown Lettuce


Slayer – Decade Of Agression

doa My bro Bohner requested some Minor Threat or Slayer (quite a combo there dude), so check this out, Guilty Of Being white .  Both bands in one song.  From what I’ve read Minor Threat wasn’t too happy about Slayer covering that song.  I’m not too into the macho satanic stuff anymore but Slayer is definately in my roots, like Bohner’s.  We used to listen to Slayer and other Def bands sometimes.  Everything I have of both Slayer and Minor Threat is on vinyl, but I’m still having turntable issues (waiting to get my taxes back).  I do have a few tracks off of the Decade Of Agression CD set though.  Check these sites out too for a lot more, , , .  If you go to my Totally Fuzzy link and type whatever you want in the search blog box you can probably find it.  I like doing that because you are supporting other blogs and getting something a little more personal, as opposed to what you might get at P2P sites.  Dig a song or two.

Raining Blood

Altar Of Sacrifice

Jesus Saves

Angel Of Death