Antiseen – Commando

Just a real short one but I imagine everyone has been busy with family and what not.  Yesterday I was with my father in law as he died at home on Christmas day.  A peaceful death that was sad yet amazing.  I think that’s the way I want to go even though it’s not the way I lived my life.  One minute he was breathing and the next he wasn’t.  I guess it’s that way with everyone no matter how they die.  He was a real cowboy, cattle rustler, truck driver who lived a hard life of his own.  I wish I had a picture to share with you but instead here’s a picture that makes me think of him.


Here’s a song I’ve been wanting to post.  I love it when great bands cover great songs by great bands.

AntiSeen – Commando

Sparklehorse – It’s A Wonderful Life

Wonderful life Well I’m going to be gone for 4-5 days and I wanted to leave you with something really mellow for the holidays.  I mean really mellow.  A good friend of mine that I met in San Diego, who in that small world world way turned out to be a close friend of Jodie F.’s from Humboldt, turned me onto this band.  I was in my super heavy drinking, starting to be solitary way.  It’s about as far from the power violence hardcore stuff you know I dig, as music can be, but it has it’s time and place.  Those mellow, dreamy, thoughtful, reflective or even romantic moments when you’re in the mood.  These guys are popular, I gather, with the people who listen to this kind of music regularly.  You can go to their website here, . I have branched out a bit as I’ve aged and I hope you guys give it a listen.

It’s A Wonderful Life

King Of Nails


Grimace – Quagmire CD

Grimace Well I wanted to post this one before Marten changed his mind about letting me put it up.  I got my copy before it officially came out so I have a homemade cover (above).  I couldn’t find much out there about the band or the now famous label, Bongload Records (thanx to Beck, who I met around this time when Garden Weasel played with Grimace and Muzza Chunka in Garberville).  I did find a used copy for sale by some guy for $4 and a little bit about Marten.  It said that he was now (15 years ago) in the band Crutch on the same label.  Well this release was a lot different from the DEMO, which was good, but the cd takes the band to a whole other level, especially in terms of the drumming.  Rob was more of a standard metal drummer while Darin had his own jazzy rockin kind of style, that fit well with the rest of the band and their unorthodoxy.  The rest of the band had played together for a bit longer and were tight as fuck.  You know though, this CD is one of my favorites but it doesn’t compare to seeing them live.  We (WD40, Garden Weasel, Grout) played with them a hundred times and I never got sick of that.  They were always heavy and seemed super tight live, and had a really rockin energy.  Got any live stuff I can post Marten?  The only show or party I remember specifically was the show we played with them and Muzza Chunka down in Garberville.  Not much of a turnout, which meant people missed a really good show.  Great guys to hang out with either individually or together.  Five very different guys that just clicked.  My two faves are Dirty Old Man and They Came To Me (which I think was about people like me, temporary Humboldt residents).  Anyway, give it a listen and maybe you’ll like a song or two…

Weaned on a Pickle


Pete Townsend Syndrome

Dirty Old Man

They Came To Me


Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Christian Scientist

Distilled Evil


Hand of Fumes

Garden Weasel – Demo

gw3Well I hadn’t posted our demo yet and Boner requested to hear CAH because it was his favorite song, so here it is.  Ed had to send this to me along with the track listing, because I couldn’t find my copy,  and don’t have the original insert.  I do have the original drawing Alex did for the cover (above) which I love, it pretty much was the band at that time.  I remember this being a long pain in the ass to record but once again check out the Dead Ed link to get more accurate details.  I can’t even imagine what these big time bands do in the studio for weeks and months at a time.  The project itself as with most demo tapes was completely DIY and a lot of work went into the making of it.  I don’t remember how many we made but I think around 100.  I like some songs on here especially the ones other people collaborated on.  How could you not like John Quitner’s (of 50 Foot Hesher, et al) Stoner Fetus with “Lock up the ding dongs and hide your corn, I was taking bong hits before I was born”.  He also wrote Soapscum another silly satirical one.  Questions, Match wrote and probably could have been our hit if we had a different singer, or a singer instead of a screamer.  We never were looking for hits though as long as one or two people enjoyed what we were doing.  I will never forget when I had Match come up and sing the tune at a gig at the Jambalaya.  I changed how I sang the song after that because he showed me how to do it right.  Understand was a ska/punk thing and along with Out of the Car one of my favorite songs.  Without Direction was a WD40 tune, you should go to that post and listen to the difference.  I like them both.  Anyway give this piece of history a listen and maybe you’ll like a song or two.

Stoner Fetus
In One Ear
You’re Not Me
Soap Opera
What Has Gone Before
Without Direction
I Want To Conform
Look And Judge
Acting Up
Out Of The Car
Green And Yellow (not on the original tape but recorded at the same session)
End of Tape

Mikey Dread

md  I borrowed this tape from someone in San Diego and never gave it back.  I think I did that on purpose so I want to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone I ever did that to and if you did that to me I want my stuff back.  I looked up Mikey Dread the other day and saw that he was a pretty pivotal guy as far as reggae in Jamaica.  Kind of the Jamaican Rodney on the ROQ.  It prompted me to look up reggae in Wikipedia here and I learned a lot of things.  Of course with my short term memory almost completley gone I promptly forgot them.  I have found mistakes on Wikipedia before.  There is ska, rocksteady, dancehall and roots.  Anyway I really like this song and it’s the only one on the tape I like.

Heavy Weight Sound