Garden Weasel on KHSU

Well here goes another Humboldt installment with my second band Garden Weasel.  Steve, Boner and I, from WD-40 found another guitar player in Dead Ed.  He and Steve were both DJs up at KHSU radio.  I could go on and on about this band too but what you really need to do is go here,  Ed has a much better memory and a way with words, I could never outdo what he has done there.  To get the full picture I can’t tell you how important it is to go there, it’s in my links too.  There were a couple of other players that really made this band.  Cathy was always around lending a hand and giving us encouragement.  I don’t know where she is now, except maybe the bay area, because I turned into a raging alcoholic and made on too many late night drunk phone calls.  Match was also very important as he ended up writing numerous songs and even sang a few at a couple of gigs.  He’s teaching english in Korea, but he will probably get mentioned again as I’ve known him since I was twelve.  Sang was also important because he was our spiritual advisor.  A damn good friend and between him and Slam we had all the muscle we needed.  There are several other people that were important and they will get mentioned later, but I will just leave you hoping you enjoy a song or two.  This recording is live from KHSU

Acting Up

One On One


Green And Yellow

Out Of The Car

Youre Not Me


Look And Judge

Song Without Direction

Sunday Christians

War Within

Low Rider Jam


SkaterThis was me in Jr. High School, in the early 80s, going back and forth the several miles between home and school.  I was never a pool/ramp rider or trickster, it was strictly my mode of transportation.  Still have that heavy ass deck in the garage.

I have lots more Humboldt hardcore to post but I thought I’d switch it up a bit and run some music off of an old tape I had.  I always new them as the Nikoteens but that old pothead druggie alcoholic paranoid thing has me wondering if that’s who it really is just because some old buddy says it was.  Actually I’m almost positive.  I did some research but couldn’t find much.  I think these songs came off of the Hardcore Holocaust LP, pictured above or the Skateboard Holocaust tape.  I guess the label they were on later released a lot of nazi stuff but these guys were just skaters.  That’s why I always liked them, because they sang songs about skating and just plain ripped.  If anyone knows anything else like which recording this is, song titles and any info about the band let me know and I will edit this post.  Thanx and I hope you enjoy a song or two.

EDIT: This post was written early on in the history of this blog, was going to clean it up, but instead just added found YT clips of the tunes that are gone because I don’t have a server anymore.  This guy untermensch tv has a shit ton of tapes and whatnot uploaded there…

WD-40 – Demonumberone

Well here goes, my first post with music.  I thought I’d start with WD-40, my first band, that way there wouldn’t be any issues with copyrights.  We recorded this tape in March of 1990 and called it DemoNumberOne, but there never was a number two or any other releases for that matter.  We recorded it at Humboldt State University on a 4-track, where most of us were students.  The band started because Steve and I had gone to see a show down at the Gilman with Capitol Punishment and told ourselves we needed to start a band.  Dale and Jocelyn were super cool to us.  Anyway, Steve, who is a successful contractor now, still up in Humboldt county, could drum and I could scream so we just needed guitar and bass.  We found Jim Shank to play guitar, a big time Black Flag fan and the best old school ramp/pool skater I’ve ever seen.  I don’t know whatever happened to Jim but I know that after he broke his arm skating the band kind of fell apart.  Erio, another student joined in and we had this fun two vocal thing going.  I don’t know what happened to him except that he moved to the bay area and was involved in motorcycle racing.  We found Boner working down at the lumber mill with Steve.  He was kind of a geetered out hesher but loved to play music and was probably the guy that liked to have the most fun.  Anyone know what geeter is or boasting?  He’s over in Iraq now in the Navy hopefully not getting blown up.  We played lots of parties and several shows but never left the Humboldt area…and so the story ended

I Hate Lies
Gossip Central
Two Bodies One Head
Depression (Black Flag cover)
Mirror Image
Song Without Direction

EDIT: Since doing this post I have found out a little bit more info along with pictures, flyers and whatnot.  Jim unfortunately is still MIA even though I have been in touch with an old friend of his Todd Congeliere.  Steve is still up in Humboldt with his wife and construction thing going on.  Brian is back from Iraq, doing his thing with his wife and two kids.  Erio is living in the bay area with his wife and son.

Pics passed on to me from one of my bros, by way of Mr. Dougie Grime.  Some party lost in time.
Some scans courtesy of Erio.  A couple of shows we did, a set list, a local Zine put out by Bill(?) with an interview and another flyer highlighting how cool the Humboldt scene was back then.

Jim was one of the most awesome skaters I’ve ever seen, old school.  No fancy shenanigans, just solid carving, a true sidewalk surfer…

1st Post

SpookyWell I’m trying to get this started and I’m having a hell of a time.  My computer knowledge is limited so when I’m trying to do what I want to do I just can’t do it.  This has turned into a kind of a pain in the ass, when all I wanted to do was post a little bit of music.  I can’t even pick out a theme I like so I’ll just go with the color green.  Hopefully it will all work out and you will at least have access to some music.  Here goes.  They used to call me Mustard in elementary school, when I first got into good music, because I always had mustard and cheese sandwiches for lunch.  Back in the late 70’s it was Rodney on the ROQ with bands like Devo, Black Flag and the Dead Kennedys .  The music just went from there and wasn’t limited to punk rock.  A Relic, according to the dictionary, is an object, custom, etc. that has survived wholly or partially from the past; often something that has historical interest because of it’s age and associations with the past, or that serves as a keepsake or souvenir.  That’s what this sites about.  The stuff that’s left over, not just from the past but the here and now.  Obviously if you see something of yours posted you don’t want posted let me know and I’ll get rid of it.  If you don’t like this site go to one of my links because I’m sure they’re doing a better job anyway.  This is my thing though and I’m not fancy so it won’t be either.  I will do the best I can.  I would like to thank Todd from and Jon from for their help in getting me started, especially with recording to the computer.  Thanx for visiting.  Mustard