No comprende…it’s a riddle

Got those Sunday afternoon blues, knowing that in 12 hours I’ll be back in the thick of it at work. Makes me tired just thinking about it, what a way to go through life.” Now here it is Tuesday and in the thick of it I have been. It’s all good, I provide and, at the moment, I am satisfied. Then again it is the evening of the day, got my coffee and cigarettes, tunes playing and just generally feeling alright. Somebody in the know, posted this vid on fucking facebook, Jello and Primus doing a nice live rendition of Holiday in Cambodia (Right Guard will not help you here). It’s a fan vid so lacks something, but I’m no beggar or chooser and it turns out someone else posted a different view too.

Now that that’s over with, any thoughts on Jello? It seems like a lot of folk like to bag on him and really people think all the old timers are fair game for criticism. It’s human nature I think to point fingers at people though. I for one am grateful to Jello (and Steve Ignorant and Henry Rollins and the list goes on). I don’t know him, and I imagine he is flawed like every other person on the planet, but the reality for me is that he played a big part in opening my mind as a teen. Who are the mind openers kids have today?

How about Wall of Voodoo? Don’t know why they popped in my head, probably shouldn’t question it anyway. They were short lived in the classic incarnation of 1982, when they recorded the only two songs of theirs I’m familiar with, Ring of Fire and Mexican Radio. Those two are enough though to take them a notch above the one hit wonder status. Loved those songs, but embedded in my damaged brain more than anything else about the band is the video below…


Trouble Cuts – Criminal Element

Trouble Cuts have a new catchy as fuck tune, seriously, instantly embedded in your ears. Not sure who wrote it, but I’m serious, this is power pop done right. As the tRumpster might say, “nobody writes them this catchy, but me, take it from me I know more than anybody else, they are very catchy.” I don’t know what the glue these guys used to put themselves together, but it holds them together nicely and they just seem to come out with hit after hit. Super Sabado Gigante Mega Armageddon Death Power Pop! I did a post last December of their 2017 Demo, an equally epic bevy of tunes worth takin’ a few minutes to SAMPLE. Anyway, give this a spin and remember we’re all criminals in some way shape or form…

Kicked in the Teeth…

I liked old Clint in this movie (if you’ve been around for awhile that should be painfully obvious), but really the better movie, western wise for me, and also featuring Chief Dan George, is Little Big Man. Probably have mentioned that before, but sometimes that needs to be done. There’s been a Dustin Hoffman deluge on satellite lately or maybe it was just that they were playing Rain Man over and over again (sometimes that needs to be done). Good flick but it romanticizes those with developmental disabilities. I have been in the field for 15 years and have never run across a savant. The reality is that they’re just like any human being with light and dark sides…we praise and encourage the light, but scratch our heads trying to figure out the hell to do with the dark

Had a hankering for some Sleaford Mods and this was the first tune (one of my faves) that popped up in a general search on the fucking tube…

…and then BAM(!), this recent live set that I had never seen before with oodles of tunes I was not familiar with…

Zeke is one of those bands that are just easy to get into in my opinion.  They are nestled somewhere in between straight ahead hardcore punk and solid hard rock.  One of the more popular bands, so that may be a turn off to some, but there’s no denying they are extremely talented.  They had been a “big” act on Epitaph and are actually now on Relapse which in itself may be a turn off, but who cares really.  These guys have an energy that is difficult to match.  I got into them when they first started in the early 90’s (thanx to Sang) and then forgot about them until recently.  We have this sort of hard rock thing going around the house because that’s what my wife and I have in common as far as music.  These guys were a little too hardcore for her taste.  There’s something about the short fast songs with almost no breaks in between tracks that appeals to me.  The fact still remains though that these guys are a pretty popular band.  Even Country Music Television has a page on them, HERE. These two are some of my faves by the band, the first two songs off the album Kicked In The Teeth…
God of GSXR
Telepath Boy
…a very nice little vid…

So then my Bro Brian goes and sees Zeke with the almighty Weedeater in Seattle @ The Crocodile on the 3rd…how fucking cool is that? A bit of jealousy and envy that Zeke was playing with Weedeater on this tour (dudes are perpetually on tour), but Brian did us a solid and brought back evidence of his whereabouts proof of better living…go-see-bands-play-live!

Mørklagt Sti

Video taken by and dedicated to, my old pal Brain, cheers to 20 years of service as a sailor in this turmoiled nation of ours. Really, it’s a turmoiled world where greed outweighs compassion…life has less value, I used to be worth a dollar, but I think I’m only worth about 57 cents these days. Even still, hats off Brian, you’re the man, Brother!

Whilst at Grandpa’s a couple of weeks ago, besides sharing stories and going through pictures, we watched TV (that’s him in his Union days working as a Business Agent). He pretty much only watches CNN and the Western channels these days. Together we really enjoyed watching Harry Tracy: The Last of the Wild Bunch with Bruce Dern and Gordon Lightfoot.  Apparently the ending song by Mr. Lightfoot is only in that movie, which has no soundtrack and not recorded anywhere else…I’m full of useless knowledge, but this song is classic singer songwriter type stuff and well worth a few sappy minutes…My Love For You. I’ve mentioned Mr. Lightfoot here before, if memory serves (hahahaha) it was another gnarly tune, Sundown.

Haven’t gotten a comment in a while, so here’s my favorite spambot one, “Don’t wear seat belts lest you drown in your own urine.” Russian spambot perhaps, a threat? If my death involves seat belts and drowning in urine, please call The Authorities

This here picture I took the other morning on my way to work, it’s the Bogue elevator shrouded by fog along the river. Not a bad pic especially if you click and enlarge, even better if you know what you’re looking at. My dear friend Siegle Irby (best man at my second wedding), has been taking a lot of photos locally for some time now and has not only inspired me to take a photo or two of what I run across, but also, more importantly, has given me an appreciation of the beauty that is the high plains of Kansas.

Was talking to another friend of mine, Jenny Davis about how I was secretly a Smiths fan back in the day. Dude has an incredible voice, and the band is just as incredible, if not more so.  These days, I have several of their LPs and 7″s, but don’t remember the last time I gave ’em a spin, probably in the 1900s, hahahaha.  Looked through what I have and realized, there are several tunes that I really like (the rest don’t do anything for me)…How Soon Is Now, What Difference Does It Make, Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now, Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, and Meat is Murder…damn that’s a helluva tune. Reminded me that my old pen pal Ade of the Satanic Malfunctions did this song…If Meat Is Murder, Then What Is Leather…also a helluva tune.  Sappy shit, great for self pity, also reminded me of this boss I had in Humboldt at the long gone, Casa de Que Pasa who was a huge Chris Isaac fan and especially that fucking tune…Wicked Game. Gotta hand it to Chris, he’s got some pipes, but not sure what it is, there’s something about him I don’t like…If we’re gonna do pop cool, this is a good place to look/listen…Zombie. The Cranberries played in Denver last year and the show was on our radar, but for whatever reason we didn’t go and now she’s dead…didn’t know how to end this train of thought except with this amazing vid…

Let’s end this by throwing a wrench in the machine, a fucking killer of a 7″ (I do have it, but this is not my rip). Mentioned them 8 years ago in a relic of a post, one I should re-up, but what the fuck, let’s feature it. In that post I wrote, “Seemingly random black metal tune Ildjarn-Nidhogg’s Mørklagt Sti. That Norwegian BM stuff tends to be pathetically idiotic…(and silly really)…Been kinda exploring the black metal thing, but pretty much sticking to what is apparently described as lo-fi or raw. Simple stuff, with a hardcore edge. I’m also a little superstitious so…”  Not sure where these guys stand on their ideology, but shit the first song on this 7″er is lifeless and perfect

Mørklagt Sti

En mørklagt sti – slynger seg – innover mot – den svarte ås
Der jeg igjen – skal føle denne lyst
Der jeg igjen – begår denne dåd
Fører meg dithen – hvor timene står stille
Tar meg med – dit hvor årene går

Her har prest – og menigmann – stått den store – den store prøve
Her jeg igjen skal føle denne lyst
Her jeg igjen – begår denne dåd
Stien går hit – hvor timene står stille
Stien tar meg med – dit hvor årene går

Jeg bygger her – et monument – her skal – neste døde råtne
Her jeg igjen – skal føle denne lyst
Her jeg igjen – begår denne dåd
Stien går dit – hvor timene står stille
Tar meg med – dit hvor årene går
Årene går
Årene går
Årene går

Dark Trail

A dark trail – slings – inward towards – the black hill
Where I left – should feel this bright
Where I left – commit this deed
Drives me this way – where the hours stand still
Take me – where the years go

Here the priest – and the men – have stood the big one – the big test
Here I’ll feel this light again
Here I left – commit this deed
The trail goes here – where the hours stand still
The trail takes me – where the years go by

I’m building here – a monument – here’s going to – the next dead rat
Here I left – should feel this bright
Here I left – commit this deed
The path goes there – where the hours stand still
Take me – where the years go
The years pass
The years pass
The years pass

שומר שבת

No body home this morning so cranking the tunes early, not sure if that’s kosher but I’m decidedly not kosher anyway.  Too many God damned rules that don’t make any sense, what’s so fucking hard about just being nice to each other?  I suppose a day of rest is justified (thanx to the labor movement…I don’t care what you have to say about something you know very little about). Just cranked this tune…

A month or so back, the new Lord Ellis exploded here at the Relics. As soon as that bad boy came out Andy sent me the CD along with some stickers. Absolutely epic album, can’t say enough good about it. Well then just the other day, Steve sent me a shirt and the LP (a signed test press…baby!). Been listening to them on the headphones at home, it’s time to give the vinyl a spin and I think I’ll make the CD one of the three in the truck.  You can check it out yourself at their bandcamp and the vinyl should be available for mail order in a couple of weeks…